Meet Catherine.....


And thanks for stopping by. As a Sydney based Marriage Celebrant with more than 11 years in the wedding industry, there are 2 things I know for sure.....

1. I  know more than anything how important your wedding day is to you!!!  The amazing love and commitment you share with your partner,  is something that should be celebrated in your own unique way.

2. No two weddings are the same because no two couples are the same. 

Most people spend months planning every single detail of their big day, from the guest list to the invitations; and the floral arrangements to the design of the cake. Some people have even been planning their wedding day since they were kids! So a personalised wedding ceremony; written just for the 2 of you, is a perfect way to kick off your wedding celebrations!  I love to capture the beauty and joy of your relationship; put it into writing, and share your authentic "Love Story",  with your wedding guests.

However, I also understand that a personalised ceremony is not for everyone, and some couples just don't feel like they have to share their "Love Story",  because they know privately in their hearts, what they mean to each other. Rest assured, I have the perfect solution for every couples needs.


Weddings are full of energy and excitement, and I love being able to harness that energy into a ceremony that is perfectly reflective of each couple.

Being a celebrant is more than a job for me. It is something that fills my soul in a way I never imagined. I have been marrying couples for over 11 years and there is nothing more wonderful than working with a couple to plan their ceremony, and then see their joyful and excited faces on their wedding day. That is the best!!!!

When I’m not marrying loved up couples, wedding,  I'm a mum of  2 incredible daughters,  who make me laugh out loud and my heart burst with pride,  and Im totally in love with our beautiful Labrador, Tessie; but not so fussed about the dog hair I find in every single corner of the house (but she is worth it!!!)

Im not so fussed about cooking (blah), but I'm awesome at ordering food at my fav restaurant.  And my bucket list includes living in NYC for 3 months during the Spring; have a white Christmas in Europe somewhere, and drive a road-train at least once (Is that weird?)  

So, if you want a celebrant who is super organised, energetic and fun,  with a modern romantic vibe, get in touch, so we can get you started on your happily ever after!!!

Catherine x

So how do we get started? 

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So let's chat soon, and Happy Wedding Planning!

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