Ceremony Packages

“Legals Only” Ceremony

(Mon-Thur Only)


  • There are many reasons that couples need a “Legals Only” ceremony, like planning to have an overseas wedding one day, but wish to legally married in Australia. OR you are having a religious and cultural wedding ceremony, that is not legally recognised in Australia. OR the expense of a wedding is unaffordable at the moment, but it’s important to be legally married, sooner rather than later. 
  • Once all the legal paperwork is complete, the Legals Only Ceremony is really simple and super quick. All it takes is about 140 words and 2 minutes, to be legally married in Australia! I need to say some legal words; then you both need to say the legal vow….. paperwork and certificates are signed…. and thats it!!! Done!!! You are married!!  You will need ONLY 2 witnesses over 18 years of age  (For a small fee, I can provide 1 or 2 witnesses) and it can be done anywhere… in your home, in your car, in a bar/restaurant, or anywhere you like!
  • All legal paperwork is taken care of, including online marriage registration.
  •  Travel within 50km radius of my Gymea Bay office. (Extra travel will apply outside the 50km radius)bar

“Super Sweet” Package


  • Introducing my “Super Sweet” package. Its a “ready-to-go” ceremony that keeps things sweet and streamlined, yet focusing and celebrating  on what truly matters. Created with couples in mind who prefer to skip their “Love Story”.  I totally understand that everyone has their own reasons why and that’s perfectly okay! 
  • I will, however, encourage you to infuse your ceremony with your personal touch by selecting one of my vows or writing your own. You’ll have access to my “Ceremony Pack” which includes a variety of vow samples along with my “Tips and Tricks” for crafting your personal vows, if that’s something you’d like to explore.
  • Includes up to 2 Face-Face meetings and video meetings/phone/text/emails.
  •  All legal paperwork is taken care of, including online marriage registration with NSW Births Deaths and Marriages. (If you wish to order your Official Marriage from NSW Births Deaths and Marriage, I can do that for 2 months after your wedding for $65)
  • I use a “super loud” professional Mipro PA, which has Bluetooth if you would like to use your own music for the ceremony. 
  • Travel within a 50km radius of my home in Gymea Bay.(Extra travel fee will apply outside the 50km radius)

“The Diamond Package”
Anything you like!


  • Introducing the Diamond Package – my ultimate “Bells and Whistles” experience! This comprehensive package features a personalised, full-length ceremony where your unique “Love Story” takes center stage. With a simple online questionnaire, I’ll gather input from both of you to craft a heartfelt ceremony that’s exclusively yours. From the romantic to the humorous, I’ll ensure every aspect reflects your love story, capturing all those special moments that make your relationship truly unique. Let’s make your big day shine with laughter and love!
  • You will have use of my “Ceremony Pack” with loads of samples of vows, ring exchange words, readings and more. As well as my “Tips and Tricks” and “Vow Formula” to help you  write your own personal vow to your loved one…if thats your thing!
  • You can include family, readings, rituals, children, pets, drummers, acrobats, magicians, fireworks, bellydancers…whatever you like!
  • Includes up to 2 Face-Face meetings and unlimited video meetings/phone/text/email
  •  All legal paperwork is taken care of, including online marriage registration with NSW Births Deaths and Marriages. (If you wish to order your Official Marriage from NSW Births Deaths and Marriage, I can do that for 2 months after your wedding for $65)
  • I use a “Super Loud” professional Mipro PA, which has Bluetooth if you would like to use your own music for the ceremony. 
  • Travel within 50km radius  of my Gymea Bay office (Extra travel fee will apply outside the 50km radius)


  • When the time has come to plan your loved ones farewell, Catherine is well equiped with compassion and empathy, to create a meaningful ceremony that will capture and honour your loved ones life, with dignity and respect.
  • Catherine has innate communication and listening skills, knowing the right questions to ask while at the same time, understanding and respecting that it is a difficult time for you. She is able to guide you through, step by step, with everything that is required for the service, and can assist you with advise for the eulogies and other elements of the service.  

Your Sydney Celebrant-Catherine Kennedy

Hey lovely people! For over 15 years, I've had the absolute pleasure of being a marriage celebrant and let me tell you, it's not just a job, it's my calling! Being a celebrant fills my heart with so much joy and fulfilment that I never knew was possible. The best part of my job? Working with my couples to plan their perfect ceremony, however that may look, and then seeing their gorgeous smiling faces on the happiest day of their lives! Being a celebrant isn't just about fulfilling a role, it's about being a part of a magical moment in the lives of two people in love. And let me tell you, there's nothing better than that feeling!


Magical Moments. Captured.

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Nothing feels better than knowing you have found "The One", and now you are going to make it official.

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"Thank you Catherine for being part of our special day! Upon first meeting you, we knew we needn't look further for our Marriage Celebrant. Your beautiful down to earth personality, guidance and professional organisation of our ceremony, was so very appreciated."

Steph and Brent
Tegan and Michael and their Green 🍃 Wedding. It’s was sooo beautiful, truly beautiful! Not a rose in sight. 🍃❤️🍃❤️
Stunning florals by @twigandboflorist 
Venue @tumblingwatersretreat 
Photo @thomstewart 
Video @dioncariofilms 
Hair/Makeup @orchidbellebeauty 
Music @harrycleverdon 
Dog Carers @pawzandme.weddings
On a windy Monday, Susana and James made it official at beautiful Oak Park Cronulla. 

With the wind in their hair, a handful of witnesses and family on FaceTime, they made a Monday, an extraordinary start to the week! ❤️❤️
#marriagecelebrant #celebrantsydney #beachwedding #mondaywedding
Hayden and Shivana and their 2 gorgeous sons. Just them , 2 witnesses, a ton of love and that’s all they needed 💕💕💕💕Congratulations Hayden and Shivana ❤️❤️
#simpleceremonies #elopement #weddingceremony #elope #cronullawedding #marraigecelebrant #celebrantsydney #sydneymarriagecelebrant
Friday afternoon on the harbour….this is how we do it! ☀️🥂
On Valentines Day, I thought it was the best day to share these stunning images by @bedfordphotography of Sally and Craig’s Oak Park Wedding. And wow… the florals from @nunuau. Amazing ❤️🌹❤️🌹
It was a perfect sunset wedding🌅 for Maddy and Sam at one of my favourite locations, Darook Park Cronulla 💕 

And it was made even more special when a boat load of fun loving locals, decided to play full blast, in the middle of the ceremony, Billy Idols “White Wedding”. Thankfully they only played it for about 10-15 sec at full volume,  and Maddy and Sam thought it was rather funny and a great memory for their wedding day. 🎵❤️🎶🎼❤️

I was, however, a little nervous for the rest of the ceremony as they could have played any kind of inappropriate song ( there is a certain AC/DC sing that would not have been a great choice,  unless you have a really good sense of humour😜😝) 

Congratulations Maddy and Sam. Sunset nuptials on the banks of Port Hacking are pretty epic. ❤️💕❤️💕❤️
#sunsetwedding #summerwedding #marriagecelebrant #marriagecelebrantsydney #sydneymarriagecelebrant #simpleceremonies
When the secret is no longer a secret! 🤫 ❤️
And such a lovely story for Coleen and Kingsley’s wedding ceremony in December 2023,  and great example of keeping things simple but still so very heartfelt. 💕💕

I went to high school with Coleen’s sister, so I met Coleen when I was a teenager. I recently reconnected with Coleen,  when her family asked me to officiate their beautiful mums funeral back in Oct 2023. Such an honour to help farewell a beautiful soul who I had known from my high school days. 

It was after her mother’s service, that Coleen and Kingsley decided that after 35 years of life and love; children and grandchildren; it was time to get married! Yep…35 years! 

As Kingsley said in his fabulous vow…
”You don’t just jump straight in. There is a courting process,  but maybe 35 years was stretching it a bit.” 😁All said with a big smile on his face while holding back the tears. 

I married them in the family home where they all grew up, and where their beautiful mum lived for some 65 years. Amazing. 💕

But ….. they didn’t tell anyone they were getting married… not even their adult children so there was an extra layer of privacy and excitement surrounding their ceremony. FYI… everyone knows now. 👍🏻❤️

After the ceremony we enjoyed champagne, they cut a small cake from a local bakery and I had lunch with them at a local cafe! Now that’s a wedding! 💕Simple, sweet but so very beautiful. And can I tell you…. There were plenty of tears. 

A belated congratulations to these 2 gorgeous humans Coleen and Kingsley who are each other’s  best friend, and who have promised to finish this crazy roller coaster of life together. 💕💕❤️💕💕❤️💕💕
#elopmentwedding #secretwedding #marriagecelebrant #celebrantsydney #sydneymarriagecelebrant #bestjobever
It’s ok to think outside the square when you are planning a loved one’s farewell. There are more and more venues these days that welcome gatherings for funerals and memorial services. 
Today’s Memorial Service @tumblingwatersretreat was the perfect alternative for a family saying goodbye and celebrating a much loved and very well respected man. 
#memorialservice #funeralservice #fuberalcelebrant #thinkdifferently
Memorial Service at the stunning @tumblingwatersretreat 

A stunning location and an alternative to the traditional venues you may consider for a Memorial Service or Funeral. It was so peaceful for those that attended. 
It’s 2024, and it’s time to think differently about how you farewell your loved one. ❤️🙏🏻
#funeralcelebrant #funeral #funerals #memorialservice #thinkdifferent #funeralalternative #tumblingwatersretreat