I started marrying loved up couples in late 2008! Best decision I ever made and the best job…EVER!!!

Sure do! There would be an extra travel fee added, for weddings further than the 50km radius from my home.

The minimum notice that you need to give a celebrant is 1 calendar month before your wedding date.
However, there are a few exceptions, where a “Shortening of Time” can be applied for, to get married with less than 1 calendar months notice.
I can advise you of the legal steps you need to take, if this is the case for you.

Generally not!
I would only ever book 2 weddings in a day, if there is at least 4 hours between each wedding and they are not a great distance from each other. But that doesn’t happen very often.
So what that means is I am there for you, no matter what happens with any kind of delay. I will not need to rush through your ceremony, to make it to another wedding commitment.

To simplify the process, I always tell my couples there are 3 stages of Legal Paperwork:

Stage 1.

A minimum of 1 calendar month before your wedding, you need to complete,“The Notice of Intended Marriage” (NOIM)  and sign with me in person. If you cant meet me in person, the signing can now be done via a video call. 

You will need to produce some specific identification ie Passports/Birth Certificate (original only) and if applicable, any evidence of previous marriage.

Stage 2.

All of the information you give me on the NOIM, is then entered into a database with Births, Deaths and Marriages. From that information, I will print out the “Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage” form, which needs to be signed BEFORE your wedding.

This is usually done at a final meeting (this cannot be done via video call)  or on your wedding day, BEFORE the ceremony starts. Easy!

Stage 3.

AFTER the ceremony, you and your 2 witnesses, will sign 3 Official Marriage Certificates.

One of those certificates, is yours to take home on the day you get married! I usually give it to an agreed upon person to take care of it until they can give it to after your big day.  You will be way to busy having photos taken and celebrating with your people after the ceremony, to be looking after a certificate! And the other certificates you sign are used to register your marriage, which I do online AFTER your wedding day. 

I love to meet my couples at least twice, if that is possible, but Video Chats are always good for a 2nd meeting, if distance and job commitments make it difficult.
Sometimes just 1 meeting plus lots of emails and phone calls, is all that some couples need too.
My fees include unlimited contact.
If you are coming from interstate/overseas, we may not be able to meet until  your wedding day, so Video Chats are great to get to know each other.

Awesome!!! If you have decided to have me as your celebrant, thats great! Smiles all round!
I ask my couples for a NON REFUNDABLE $300 booking fee, that will lock in your date and time. Final balance is due no later than 4 weeks before your wedding date.
Bank transfer seems to be the most popular payment method these day, but PayPal works too, as does good old cash!

One of my Wedding Packages is  for a Non Personalised Ceremony, so it is a pre-written and a “ready -made” ceremony. It is still gorgeous and meaningful, and suits most couples needs. However, you can add your own personal touch to this “ready-made” ceremony, by writing your own personal vows. I have a “Tips and Tricks” Cheat Sheet to help you write your vows, or I have plenty of “ready-made” vows for you to choose too.

My most popular package, is a Personalised Ceremony, which is individually written and includes “Your Story” in the ceremony. To achieve this, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire, which gives me a clearer picture of you as a couple, and the style of ceremony I feel is right for you. Of course you will get to read the ceremony before your big day and your are free to let me know of any changes you wish to have made to the ceremony. 

I have an awesome professional and super loud Mipro PA which can also be used for your music, if you wish. There is no extra fee for the use of my PA during the ceremony. 

This is one of the first questions I will ask a couple when I meet them is, “do you have a back plan?” As your celebrant, I’m more than happy to stand in the rain, if you are happy to do that also, but your guests may not be too thrilled about it.

However, you could have umbrellas handy for your guests if you are still really keen to get married in the great outdoors, and “YES”….. I have done some weddings standing under an umbrella (and it was rather fun too!)

Umbrellas are also handy for those really hot days, where there isnt alot of shade. And having little bottles of water for your guests during those hot summer months, is also a great idea too!! Your guests will thank you for all these little added extras.

Rest assured, I have a network of celebrants that I can contact at a moments notice to step in and officiate your marriage.
All legal paperwork and the ceremony script would be transfered to them, as quickly as possible, to make sure you get married when you planned to get married!

Absolutely not!!! And I would never encourage that either. Your wedding day is such a high emotion day, you do not need that extra stress on top of all the excitement. 

I always offer to print your vows on a card for you to read to your loved one, or you can repeat each line of your vow after me. Whatever you are comfortable with, is what we will work with.

You bet I do!
Getting married is a serious legal union between 2 people. As an Authorised Marriage Celebrant we must follow the Marriage Act 1961 and the Celebrant Code of Practice.
To see the Code of Practice, click here.

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